What is a Sourcing Company?

In today's global economy production, like many other industries, has been outsourced to countries where the labour cost is less than in Western countries. A sourcing company's role is to represent their clients in countries where they can get their goods produced for less than in the West.

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Why Use a Sourcing Company rather than buying directly yourself?

While you may think that you'll get a better price by buying directly from the manufacturer yourself, this is not always the case as Sourcing Companies have long-term partnerships with factories as well as transporters, which allow them to benefit from better prices.

Also once you factor in the time that you would spend finding a suitable factory, dealing with them and checking the quality of the goods you will often find that your cost will be higher (without mentioning the hassle) than if you had used a Sourcing Company who specialise in doing this. 

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What kind of products do you specialise in?

Through our brands we specialise in sports goods and technology goods accessories. However we've also sourced a lot of promotional products and corporate gifts for our various clients.

Having had a presence in China for a few years has enabled us to build up connections with many factories, which allows us to organise the production of many other goods. So whatever you need produced we're confident that we're the people to help you.

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Is it true that all of the products manufactured in China are of a low quality?

The "Made in China" brand has come to be associated with low quality goods often because of the cheap purchasing costs. However the quality is not dependent on the cost of the goods but on the qualification of the workmanship.

Having been present in China for some time, we've built up relationships with factories who posses the knowhow to produce your goods to the quality you require.

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How can I be certain that the products that I order will match my expectations?

This is when our quality control kicks in; it's our job to regularly check samples in our product portfolio to verify quality consistency.

For individual bulk orders we always insist on producing a sample for you before starting production in order to check that you will receive what you expect, both in product specifications and in quality.

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Is it worth buying goods in China once I factor in the cost of transport?

Production costs savings in most cases outweigh heavily the cost of transportation meaning you will save more by producing in China than anywhere else.

We offer two transport methods: shipping and air. Shipping goods by sea is cheap and takes a maximum of 35 days. If you require your goods quicker than this then we can ship them by air.

However it does happen that certain items will be cheaper to produce in Europe. This can be due to small quantities, short production time as well as several other reasons.

At Lock Sourcing we always check what the cost of production of your goods is in various regions. If we think you would be better off producing your goods closer to home, then we will offer you this solution.

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If my quantities are small will I still be able to get cheap transport rates?

By using a Sourcing Company, you benefit from their links with transporters and as a consequence the reductions that they receive. We can cater for any order size so contact us and we will be pleased to help you out.

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Can I use Lock Sourcing for all types of goods? Even the ones not listed in your product lists?

Yes you can! Simply send us an email with the details of what you would like, where and by when and we'll get back to you within 48 hours with options.

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I'm not a big company, will I still benefit from sourcing my goods with you?

Of course you will. We've dealt with several start-ups, sole traders and medium sized companies worldwide. At Lock Sourcing we were a start-up once too and we pride ourselves in being a SME which is why we offer flexibility with every order.

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