Why Choose Us:

While China is the world leader in quality, cost effective manufacturing, making the most of this opportunity can be difficult because of language, cultural and geographical barriers.

This leads to many examples of Western companies going it alone in this new "far east" and while they may get away with it at the start, over time it nearly always leads to western companies wasting vast amounts of time and money.

What separates Lock Sourcing from the competition?

There is no substitute for years of experience and Lock Sourcing have had a presence in China, sourcing products for clients for over 4 years. This experience has allowed us to build up a network of reputable factories that can are trusted to produce goods to the required specifications.

Because of these long-term relationships we have more leeway with these factories allowing us to offer cost effective and on time delivery solutions.

We pride ourselves on attentive customer service as we base our sourcing solutions around your business requirements as well as always remaining an e-mail or phone call away.

Our years of experience in sourcing have led to us being recognised as experts within the industry. The latest proof of this came when we were featured in the Alibaba UK advertising campaign and asked to speak about the topic of "Managing the business risk in China".

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