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Lock Sourcing has been bridging the gap between East and West for over 4 years enabling you to benefit from the lower production cost offered by the East. No matter what your needs are, we can help you source your products directly from factories in China.

It is well known that there are big savings to be made from having your goods produced in China. However what is less well known is how business is conducted in a very different way in China. This can lead to western companies wasting vast amounts of time and money on getting their goods produced there.

Our objective is to take away the pain involved with dealing with sourcing goods from China, allowing you to focus on developing your core business.

We offer tailored solutions depending on your needs, from all inclusive packages where we deal with everything from finding the right factory, dealing with the production and delivering the goods to your door to tailored packages which can include just the Quality Control or transport of your goods.

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